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Online Certification & Yearly Membership

Who is it for?

For teachers & businesses wanting to start or grow their sports program for ages 3-7

Kindergartens, afterschool programs, kids gyms, preschools, daycare centers, sports clubs, community centers, therapists, parents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A look inside the Online Coach Certification

Do you want to

  • Feel qualified to start your own or elevate your existing sports programs?
  • Find new and creative ideas to keep your classes fresh and interesting?
  • Have a lesson plan that is feasible and fun?
  • Have a remarkable impact on children's lives?

Do you struggle to

  • Find time to research different & unique games week in and week out?
  • Stepping into the classroom with no lesson plan?
  • Come up with engaging activities that work?

We know

  • It can be very frustrating and challenging to constantly come up with new & creative games, especially for teachers with little or no experience.
  • Use our proven step by step programs. They’re successfully employed worldwide by both major organizations (Swiss Kindersport, Kid23 China, IPA Iran, E-Coach Philippines, UC San Francisco, Fitfutures India..) as well as hundreds of individual coaches.

Your plan

  • Discover the research on what to teach at age 3-7.
  • Use our four, done for you curriculums for ages 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 and 6-7.
  • Access an extensive lesson library and customize your own programs.
  • Get weekly new games for different levels, age groups, and group sizes.

Become a certified coach now and let us create your PE curriculums

  • Always be prepared for your lessons with your planning stress gone.
  • Stand out with a properly prepared lesson plan.
  • Rejuvenate your enthusiasm for teaching.

Success or struggle?

  • Follow our tested PE programs to make your preparation a lot easier and save tons of time.
  • Access hundreds of new and creative video lessons and run a great Sports program.
  • Learn from other top coaches without the need to travel to receive professional development.
  • Feel competent about the programs you offer with activities that are very easy to implement in various settings.
  • Quickly become the go-to teacher in your organization.


  • Keep doing all the research yourself, browsing through unlimited resources for days, costing you so much of your time.
  • Skim over endless PDF’s of pricey PE programs and figure out how the games should work if they work at all.
  • Get tired and frustrated with writing PE lesson plans or feel like you do the same lessons every year.

Join us, register today for the online course and become an even better pe teacher for your students!


Here are our most common questions (FAQ)

Q: What level of experience is the MotorSkillLearning Certification for? Very experienced or new teachers?

A: It is best suited for teachers with little teaching experience or knowledge in this field. We built the MotorSkillLearning Certification training for teachers who want to start a new program or school and don't have much knowledge in this field or little teaching experience. The course gives you the knowledge to step into a classroom
with confidence and be able to explain your teaching to parents, principals, and clients.

Q: If I pay for the certification course do I get the certification and 1-year membership to all the curriculums? 

A: Yes you will get both, access to the online certification course including the certificate as MotorSkillLearning Certified Coach upon successful completion of the course and 1-year access to the MotorSkillLearning Academy including all curriculums.

Q: How is the MotorSkillLearning Certification training being conducted?

A: There are 2 parts to this online certification course.

Part 1 is the theoretical part that gives you foundational knowledge on the central learning objectives of physical education in kindergarten for holistic motor skill development that enables children to participate in any sports they like.
The content is comprised of 26 pieces of content and 24 quizzes to be completed successfully. (You can retake the quizzes until successful).

Part 2, the most important part, 4 fully developed curriculums that can be tailored to your own needs and implemented right away, even by teachers with little or no experience. All curriculums are in video format with many additional resources. Access to all our curriculums will be granted for a full year from the date of purchase. (You then have a choice of renewing your yearly membership at a 50% discount)

Q: How will I be certified?

A: Upon successful completion of all the quizzes in the MotorSkillLearning Certification training, you will be officially recognized by the MotorSkillLearning Academy Switzerland as Certified Coach.
We will send you the official certificate and your name will be listed on our website as Certified Coach.

Q: What can the MotorSkillLearning Certification training be used for?

A: Use the knowledge to start a business/program; explain and educate parents, principals or potential clients.
Implement our proven curriculums with 30 years of testing to run and teach your own sports classes for 3-7-year-olds, saving lots of time.
Educate yourself to feel competent and confident about teaching young children.
Use our accreditation to improve your job position and status among peers.

Q: By whom is the MotorSkillLearning certification program recognized?

A: It is recognized by CAPS ( International Association of Children's Active Play & Sports) which we co-founded with several professors for motor behavior and business owners of Active Play sports programs for kindergarten around the globe. 
Neither active play or motor development coach nor kindergarten PE teacher are protected professions.
There is no other institution in the world that is qualified to accredit practical PE programs for ages 3-7. 
Hundreds of coaches have gone through our certification programs all over the globe and we are recognized as the go-to brand for PE teacher training for ages 3-7.
The MotorSkillLearning certification program is used among others by Swiss Kindersport with 154'000 children participating in 2015 and 16'700 trained coaches.

Q: I don't speak a lot of English. Can I still take the course? Is it available in other languages?

A: Currently, the MotorSkillLearning Certification program is only available in English.
(a Spanish version is planned for later this year).
As the theoretical part of the course is self-paced and the assessments are all multiple choice questions, you can definitely benefit from taking the course, it will just take a little longer.
The practical part, the 4 curriculums for 3-4,4-5, 5-6 and 6-7-year-olds are all video based with children participating in real class settings. 
You can understand the games and activities in the videos just by watching them and you don't necessarily need the English subtitles.

Q: Can I can pay in US dollars? How much is it in US dollars?

A: Yes, you can pay in any currency, either with a credit card or PayPal. The amount in Euros is automatically converted to the currency of your account.
Use a currency converter to get an up to date amount in your own currency.

Q: How long would it take to complete the course? 

A: The course itself can be completed at your own schedule and you should be able to complete it in 10-15 hours.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: No, We operate a strict no-refund policy. No refunds for partial completion of the course and/or use or the memberships will be given. 


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