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Do You Struggle With Your Sport Lesson Plans?

🎾 Do you want new and creative games to keep your classes inspiring and interesting?

🎾 Do you want to maximize the time available for physical activity?

🎾 Do you need an easy to implement instrument for your sports training?

🎾Do you want to feel qualified to start or run exciting sports programs?

🎾 Do you want to include cognitive learning in your activities?

🎾Do you want to minimize the time planning successful and motivating lessons?

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The Multi-Award-Winning Swiss Movement & Education Concept

works for Schools, Sports Organizations and Businesses

🎾 Universities

🎾 Sports Academies

🎾 Sports Clubs

🎾 Kids Gyms

🎾 Activity Centers

🎾 Community Centers

🎾 Youth Programs

🎾 Learning Center

🎾 P.E. Teacher

🎾 Classroom teachers

🎾 Principals

🎾 Afterschool Coordinators

🎾 Kindergarten Staff

🎾 Primary Teachers

🎾 Middle School Teachers

🎾 High School Teachers

🎾 Educators

🎾 Speakers (Sports, Health)

🎾 HR Personnel 

🎾 Event coordinators

🎾 Optometrists

🎾 Shelter staff

🎾 Therapists

🎾 Parents

If you run sports programs for any age group, you need the Street Racket curriculums.


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“Street Racket is a fantastic motor skill training. It brings the values of sports to all at the grassroots level. I hope it will be played everywhere“

Marco van Basten
FIFA World Player & European Soccer Champion, Netherlands

street racket champion

Stand out

Follow our research-based curriculum, used around the globe.


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No planning stress

Access hundreds of new & creative games and save tons of time.


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Feel competent

Easy to implement anywhere, even for teachers with no experience.

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What makes Street Racket so different?

The Swiss Street Racket Concept is unique in many ways. Not only is it accessible for all at the grassroots level, but it is also highly effective, very versatile and lots of fun. Based on many years of development within the Swiss educational system Street Racket has evolved very quickly and is implemented in hundreds of schools and it attracts many new players on a daily basis. No infrastructure needed, no maintenance, no time loss for setting up the games – JUST PLAY!


What’s My Investment?

How much time are you wasting researching great games? How many potential PDFs and websites have you been skimming through without knowing if they work at all? How many years have you followed the same old lesson plans? How many of your classes are chaotic because you just don't have the right tools and enough ideas? Do you feel competent about the programs you offer? Are your programs too complicated and need too much infrastructure and equipment? A lack of tested sports programs that work may already be costing you a great deal.


€ 9

Billed monthly

  • Curriculum for Standard Street Racket Courts (Single & Cross)
  • Curriculum for Special Street Racket Courts (Maxi & Wall)
  • Curriculum for Play Courts
  • Curriculum for Fundamentals (Throwing & Catching, Ball & Racket Skills)
  • Weekly new Activity Videos
  • Email support


€ 90

Billed annually

  • Curriculum for Standard Street Racket Courts (Single & Cross)
  • Curriculum for Special Street Racket Courts (Maxi & Wall)
  • Curriculum for Play Courts
  • Curriculum for Fundamentals (Throwing & Catching, Ball & Racket Skills)
  • Weekly new Activity Videos
  • Email support
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Peter Pattke

President, PE Teachers Association Germany

“Attention! Street Racket is so good it’s almost dangerous - because it’s very addictive! After the amazing workshops lead by Street Racket founder Marcel Straub during our annual PE conference all the participants were inspired. They were thrilled about the simplicity and variety of the Street Racket concept and they will certainly pass the excitement on to their classes and students. This movement is unstoppable! I have rarely seen our teachers so amazed during and after a workshop – Street Racket was an absolute highlight at the annual PE conference in Germany.

I recommend, I even urge all my colleagues, to implement Street Racket in their schools, no matter where they teach and no matter how old the students are!”

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Ivy Pochoda

No 1 NY Times Bestseller & former Professional Athlete, United States

“Street Racket is a revelation and a revolution in sports. Sports are essential in developing coordination and confidence, but also open doors to creativity and intelligence. Most importantly, sports should be available to any and all regardless of circumstance—they are a basic human right. Street Racket is a visionary organization that understands this fundamental necessity and has figured out a brilliant and simple way to engage anyone in play, anywhere, and in any situation.”

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Jaakko Lattu 

Program Director for P.E. Teachers Sport Institute of Finland

“The Street Racket workshops were outstanding and got great feedback from the P.E. teachers from different levels of education! The idea and foundation behind the concept is special and the game can be easily modified to different ages, groups and skill levels. I could see Street Racket played just because it is fun but also because it can be a great tool for teachers to help children learn different motor, social or cognitive skills – and having fun doing it! And what I also love about Street Racket is that it is easily played outdoors, you will find a good space just about anywhere. We were thankful to have Marcel inspiring our seminar participants from 20 different countries.”

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