Content Overview

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Module 1

Motor Development Explained


  • Why is it important to develop motor skills in children?
  • The (Un)Importance of Talent
  • Importance of the early years

Module 2

From Motor Skills to Coordination to Sport-Specific Skills

  • Balance of Motor Skills, Physical Activity, and Hand-Eye Coordination
  • The 5 Motor Skills explained
    Reaction, Balance, Rhythm, Orientation, Differentiation

Module 3

Teaching System for 3-7 Year-Olds

  • Stages of Sports Skill Development
  • Versatility for Optimal Learning
  • Game-based approach
  • Increase participation through stories
  • Bigger and better brains
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Module 4

The Psyche of the Young Child

  • Creating a safe environment
  • Laughter and Emotions
  • To Develop and not Being Afraid
  • The Key Ingredient for a Coach

Module 5

Learning to Play

  • Children are not learning unless they are taught?
  • Free Play versus Deliberate Play
  • Advantages of a Game-Based Approach
  • Creating Games
  • Enriched Environments & Incidental Moments

Module 6

Course Wrap Up

  • Teaching Aids
  • MOBAK Assessment Test
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