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Certified Coaches

With the MotorSkillLearning online coach certification, you will be in a very good position and feel confident to teach sports programs to 3-7-year-olds and reduce overwhelm and headaches planning your P.E. Lessons.
You will get a structure on how to run developmentally appropriate sports programs that work and support in setting up your Kindergarten and early elementary P.E. curriculums.
The certification comes with access to 4 fully planned PE curriculums for 3-7-year-olds you can follow step by step.

Global Partnerships

We offer accreditations with the MotorSkillLearning Academy for both PE sports programs as well as sports centers (schools & businesses).
Accreditation with the Motor Skill Learning Academy Switzerland is meant for sports programs and centers that want to increase their recognition through affiliation with our globally recognized brand in the physical education industry.

Affiliate Partners

Profit from our products. Advertise our PE curriculums or coach certification and earn up to 50% off advertising fees.
Choose from physical education curriculums, online coach certification courses, and live workshops to advertise to your customers. 


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