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About Us

Meet Dominque Chiquet, the founder of Motor Skill Learning

Dominque Chiquet is a former professional athlete, coach educator, and sports camp program director. He is a Swiss Kindersport expert and Swiss Olympic Coach I.
Dominique knows firsthand what it takes to build a solid and successful Physical Education Curriculum for your Kindergarten level students.
You can speak to Dominque directly, just send him an e-mail at [email protected]

Join our MotorSkillLearning academy and optimize learning and fun in your sports classes with the support of professional coaches that have been through the same struggles as you. 


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Well structured blueprint to structure your classes tested for 20 years, and easy to implement. Vast lessons library with new and creative ways to teach and build your own custom-made programs. Exclusive access to a dedicated community. Get direct access to Dominique Chiquet and others who are the best in their fields.



Join our MotorSkillLearning Academy and use research-based curriculums to run your sports classes with the support of experienced coaches that have been through the same struggles as you.

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My story

Everything changed for me at the end of 2008 when I moved from San Francisco to Basel to join the launch of the Swiss Kindersport Program.
I was teaching youth sports and camps around the world, living like most coaches, teaching sport-specific classes struggling to come up with new ideas to keep my classes interesting at all times.
Despite experimenting constantly I was coaching too ‘sport-specific in my classes, instead of more ‘well-rounded’ including all motor skills.
I loved my job and the focus of building it, but I was tired of trying to come up with new ideas as well as keeping it all in my head, in every possible way.
Going into 2009 I got involved as a lead educator for Swiss Kindersport, a youth sports program for 5-10-year-olds just being launched to fight rising obesity and sedentary lifestyles.
Not only has this research-based program been a massive success with exactly 141,093 children age 5-10 participating and 16,612 coaches being trained in 2015, but the program is also based on teaching a wide variety of motor skills at a young age for optimal learning.
I completely shifted my attitude (something that’s required!) delving into libraries, youtube like a madman to get ideas for games and drills to improve my lesson plans. Since then I’ve not only totally changed the way I run my sports classes, incorporating all aspects of motor skills into my curriculums but I also started to record all my ideas and those of other coaches who are the best in their fields.
Constantly stressed about planning the next class and seeing a massive influx of inquiries/interest to my programs I started to build my own curriculums.
By late September 2016, I achieved my goal of putting together a complete system for teaching physical education to kindergarten age children and help more coaches launch their own program.
So can you.  

I want exclusive access to the MotorSkillLearning curriculum worth 28 years of Dominique’s effort and knowledge

I want to learn the essentials of running successful sports programs for kindergarten, from strategy & structure to ideas, games, exercises & progressions, individual to large groups, younger to older, from coaches, teachers, educators to therapists and child caregivers.


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