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MotorSkillLearning Commissions

Fixed standard program fee rates for specific product categories for full-price purchases. Special, country-specific discount links can be asked for. 
Your commission for country-specific discount links will be reduced by an equal amount of the discount granted (percentage-based). 

Gain your commission from anyone who clicks on your share link and completes a purchase on our site for an entire 30 days after the initial click using the same browser. For recurring memberships, you will gain your commission every year/ month for as long as the client referred stays a member of MotorSkillLearning.


Motor Skill Learning Products Your Commission
Online Coach Certification € 119.6 EURO (one-time)
P.E. Curriculums Yearly Membership € 79.6 EURO (recurring)
P.E. Curriculums Monthly Membership € 9.6 EURO (recurring)
Live Conference Speedy Ticket € 49.75 EURO (one-time)
Live Conference Early Bird Ticket € 62.25 EURO (one-time)
Live Conference Turtle Ticket € 74.75 EURO (one-time)


Street Racket

50% on all products.


We payout our affiliates on a quarterly basis once the amount exceeds €100.- EUR after you installed the MotorSkillLearning logo on your website and link it back to 


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