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What makes Motorskilllearning so different?


Children this young demand constant attention and something has to happen all the time in order for the practice to be interesting.
They have an insatiable desire for learning which calls for an extensive library of activities and games.

The Motor Skill Learning programs help teachers to run exciting PE lessons in such a way that children are always engaged and can’t wait to come back to enjoy a versatile program, instead of running the same old lessons year in and year out.

We know how hard it is to constantly come up with new & creative ideas, and have helped numerous large and small schools & businesses to offer fun and unique PE programs that children enjoy.

When you have access to all the video lessons in the Motor Skill Learning Academy, the planning stress disappears and you can fully customize a program that fits your needs. You will stand out and become the go-to teacher with fully engaged students, who are having great fun in the process as well.

The programs are put together by Dominique Chiquet, creator of the Motor Skill Learning system, and other expert coaches.
Dominique has taught PE to kindergarten for over 3 decades and his vast knowledge and experience gave him the ability to create the most versatile activities children are responding to with enthusiasm.

He has consulted with dozens of companies on all 5 continents to help them start or revise their PE sports programs.
The Motor Skill Learning system was created to help him put together the PE programs for his own company, greatly expanding the activities library and increasing participation year after year.

Since then, he’s gone on to consult with dozens of national brands and small businesses, as well as schools. Clients have dramatically increased their revenue and participation after learning the Motor Skill Learning system.
The done for you curriculums are simple enough that they can be implemented by teachers, with little or no experience and still be professional to stand out.

Inside the Motor Skill Learning Academy you will:

1. Learn a proven age-appropriate PE teaching system that has been used in hundreds of organizations around the globe. You will understand how these new 21st coaching principles work and why it’s the most powerful system to teach sports in kindergarten (ages 4-7).
This new coaching is based on four foundations:

  1. Teach according to the appropriate stage of development.
  2. Teach the most versatile movement experiences.
  3. Use a game-based approach with stories.
  4. Develop bigger and better brains.

brought together in one system. Any one of these four areas can help your coaching improve dramatically. Taken together they can transform your teaching.

2. Use our tested step by step curriculums to offer fun & engaging PE lessons or choose the most suitable games & activities for your organization’s setting and create your own custom-made PE programs.

3. Become a certified Motor Skill Learning coach. Deepen your knowledge teaching PE to children 4-7 and create or grow compelling programs that stand out in your own organization.

Kindergarten age children are drawn to games and variety and away from drilling. If Children are not inspired about how you run your PE lessons, they’ll look past you for something more exciting, and your job as a teacher will become very demanding. Once you implement an exciting PE program, your programs will begin to grow and your coaching experience will be raised to new heights. PE programs that offer new & creative games attract more students and keep children coming back year after year.

Try out the Motor Skill Learning Academy and use our tested curriculums or create your own custom PE programs with our extensive video library.


Stop wasting countless hours on youtube, struggling to find fun and engaging ideas to prepare your PE lessons.

Use the Motor Skill Learning curriculums to start or grow your very own PE program and increase competence, confidence, and professionalism.

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