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Do You Lack the Confidence to Teach Kindergarten PE ?

🎾Do you want to feel qualified to start or run exciting sports programs?

🎾 Do you need accreditation by an internationally recognised brand?

🎾 Are you looking for professional development without the need to travel?

🎾 Do you want new and creative games to keep your classes fresh and interesting?

🎾Is it time to revamp your P.E. curriculum for the early years?

🎾 Is making a lesson plan that is feasible and fun complicated?

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Coach Certification Level I works for Teachers and Coaches

 with little or no experience who want to start teaching in a class setting. 

🎾 Kids Gym Coaches

🎾 Sports Academy Staff

🎾 Afterschool Coordinators

🎾 Sports Clubs Coaches

🎾 Martial Arts Instructors

🎾 Activity Centre Staff

🎾 Youth Program Director

🎾 Recreation Leaders

🎾 P.E. Teachers

🎾 Kindergarten Staff

🎾 Early Childhood Teachers

🎾 Educators

🎾 K-1 School Teachers

🎾 Therapists

🎾 Child Caregivers

🎾 PreK/PreSchool Teachers

🎾K-1 Schools


🎾Head Start Schools

🎾Learning Centers


🎾Daycare Centers


🎾..and more!

The only P.E. Coach Certification specifically designed for motor development ages 3-7


The What-to Do in Kindergarten P.E.

A look inside the MSL Coach Certification Course I with clear direction on developing PE programs for optimal learning; put together from over 30 years of teaching experience


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“It is the best teacher training program for kindergarten & preschools I have ever come across.“

Shripad Joshi
Kaleido Education, Pune, India

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Stand out

Officially certified by an internationally recognised brand, used in all 5 continents by small and large organisations

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No more planning stress

Access hundreds of new & creative games and save tons of time.

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Feel competent

In collaboration with Prof. Dr. C. Herrmann, creator of the MOBAK assessment test for motor competency


Course Content

Module 1

Motor Development Explained

  • Why is it important to develop motor skills in children?

  • The (Un)Importance of Talent

  • Importance of the early years

Module 2

From Motor Skills to Coordination to Sport-Specific Skills

  • Balance of Motor Skills, Physical Activity, and Hand-Eye Coordination
  • The 5 Motor Skills  explained
  • Reaction, Balance, Rhythm, Orientation,  Differentiation

Module 3

Teaching System for 3-7 Year-Olds

  • Stages of Sports Skill Development
  • Versatility for Optimal Learning
  • Game-based approach
  • Increase participation through stories
  • Bigger and better brains

Module 4

The psyche of the young child

  • Creating a safe environment

  • Laughter and Emotions

  • To Develop and not Being Afraid

  • The Key Ingredient for a Coach

Module 5

Learning to Play

  • Children are not learning unless they are taught?
  • Free Play versus Deliberate Play
  • Advantages of a Game-Based Approach
  • Creating Games
  • Enriched Environments & Incidental Moments

Module 6

Course Wrap Up

  • Teaching Aids

  • Mobak Assessment Test

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What makes the Motorskilllearning Certification so different?

The MSL Framework is revolutionary because it is based on a 3 year research study by Swiss Olympic and combines the best of Acecoach (CA), SkillsforKids (AU), SSRI (IR) and GFU. Constant innovations are focused on practical application, releasing new games each week.
It teaches you how to build EXCITING sports programs for optimal longterm potential rather than specialising at a very young age.

Accredited by the International Association for Children's Active Play & Sports (CAPS)

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Magdalena Lelonek
Educator Polish Tennis Association

Mubanga Mulenga
Beijing City International School

Shraddha Naik
Educator Agashe College of P.E.


Nick Morgan
British Int. School Riyadh
Saudi Arabia

Ankit Bajariya
Safari Kid Preschool Mumbai

Shane Lim
Little Mighty Me Preschool SG

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What’s My Investment?

Have you been certified by a recognised brand globally to elevate your status and improve your job position? Do you feel competent about the programs you offer? How much time are you wasting to research proven P.E. concepts for kindergarten, used by hundreds of teachers? How many potential courses have you been looking at without finding any practical certification for motor development at all? 
A lack of knowledgable communication to parents, principals or potential clients may already be costing you a great deal.

Course & Curriculums


One-Time Fee

  • Online Certification Course
  • Certificate & logo as 
    MSL Certified Coach
  • Website listing
  • 1 Full year access to 4 complete curriculums for ages 3-7
  • Extensive lesson library
  • Weekly new video lessons
  • Teaching aid programs & resources
  • Email support
  • Mobile App

All The Knowledge You Need To Build A Successful Sports Program

Accelerate your success. Save a lot of frustrations, time and money. Learn a P.E. system that has been proven to work right from the start.

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