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Basic Motor Competencies in Kindergarten: MOBAK Assessment Test

Increasingly the question arises about learning outcomes of physical education.
MOBAK is a curriculum-based motor skill development assessment test.
It is by far the most practical and relevant assessment test and with 8 challenges very easy to implement in our opinion.
Most important, it looks at what basic motor competencies enable children to play an active part in the culture of sports and exercise,  rather than. a succession of random physical tests.

Playlist of the 8 MOBAK motor competencies tests

Basic motor competencies in kindergarten FOR FREE


 Exercise 1: Throwing

Exercise 2: Catching

Exercise 3: Bouncing

Exercise 4: Dribbling

Exercise 5: Balancing

Exercise 6: Rolling

Exercise 7: Jumping

Exercise 8: Running

Initial Situation

In the course of systematic quality assurance, increasingly the question to which extent learning outcomes are achieved by children in...

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