Basic Motor Competencies in Kindergarten: MOBAK Assessment Test

Basic motor competencies in kindergarten FOR FREE

 Exercise 1: Throwing

Exercise 2: Catching

Exercise 3: Bouncing

Exercise 4: Dribbling

Exercise 5: Balancing

Exercise 6: Rolling

Exercise 7: Jumping

Exercise 8: Running

Initial Situation

In the course of systematic quality assurance, increasingly the question to which extent learning outcomes are achieved by children in sports and physical education arises. The central learning objectives of physical education in kindergarten and primary school are the curriculum-based basic motor competencies that enable children to play an active part in the culture of sports and exercise.

Test setup and content

MOBAK-KG is designed for 4- to 6-year-old children. Thus, questions about the status and development of basic motor competencies in early childhood can be dealt with.

The basic motor competencies of self-movement are covered with four tasks...

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