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Basic Motor Competencies in Kindergarten: MOBAK Assessment Test

Increasingly, the question arises about learning outcomes of physical education. Early in the school year is a great time to run a test if you have or want to see where your students stand.
MOBAK is a curriculum-based motor skill development assessment test.

It is by far the most practical and relevant assessment test in our opinion and with 8 challenges very easy to implement.

Most important, it looks at which basic motor competencies enable children to play an active part in the culture of sports and exercise.
Meaning that Dr. Herrmann and his team were looking at what skills are needed to participate in the most common sports like soccer, gymnastics, athletics and many more
rather than a succession of random physical tests.
The 8 challenges were then designed according to these skills needed to facilitate participating in these sports, rather than some physical tests that are of little relevance in performing common sports.

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