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Physical Education Curriculum Guide for 3-7 Year-Olds

The Motor Skill Learning System for 3-7 year-olds

  1. Stages of development
    1.1. Stages of development
    1.2. Why motor skill development is important
    1.3. Importance of early movement experiences
  2. Versatility for optimal learning and fun
    2.0. Why Talent is Overrated
    2.1. Versatility for optimal learning and fun  
    2.1.1. Advantages of versatility-oriented 
    sports activities
    2.2. Optimal learning & fun 
    2.3. A balance of 7 skills, Motor Skills to coordination to sport-specific skills
  3. Game-based approach
    3.1. Games based approach versus drills based approach  
    3.2. Deliberate play
    3.3. The importance of free play
    3.4. Enriched environments & Incidental moments
  4. Story
    4.1.Increase participation through stories
  5. Bigger and better brains
    5.1.Bigger and better brains
  6. Conclusion

1. Preface


Beliefs and actions in a new approach to children’s skill development

1. To understand children’s physical stages of development to better being able to...

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Typical Stages of Physical Development for Children


A summary of how children’s skills typically emerge over time and where the development of fundamental motor skills fits in. Why it is a critical building block for children to be able to participate in all sports later on in life.

If children skip one of the stages, in particular the early development stages 2-4, they will greatly limit their potential down the line. Keep in mind that the age ranges (hence the titles) are overlapping which depends greatly on children’s development so far.
Even at a very young age children's speed of development can be up to 18 months apart.

Stage 1: Newborn to 1 year: Birth to Mobility

By about 12 months of age baby’s strength and balance have improved to the point where they are able to walk.

Stage 2: Age 1 to 3 year: Mobility to Basic Motor Skills

From the age of 1 to 3 years children’s increasing mobility skills make way for them to have experiences that develop simple fundamental motor skills (throwing away,...

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