PE Curriculum for Kindergarten Age Children with 10 Top Sport Games and Activities


Game 1: Net Fishing

  1. Children are fish and the coach or one child is the fisherman who tries to catch the little fishes by throwing the net over them.
  2. Limit the playing field or have several fishermen depending on the size of your gym.
  3. Use a fishing net about 1,5 by 1,5 meters/yards as a catching device.
  4. The larger the net the more difficult it gets to throw it.
  5. We use old nets from baseball and tennis courts that are used to limit the fields and cut them into the appropriate size. 

Game 2: Rodeo

  1. On a smooth gym floor, flip a soft landing mat upside down to have the slippery side at the bottom.
  2. This mat is the wild bull children try to ride for as long as possible without falling.
  3. The coach moves the mat back and forth randomly.
  4. As soon as a child falls down it’s the next child’s turn.
  5. Children need to stand on the mat and are not allowed to run.

Game 3: Four Noodle Tags


  1. Put a foam noodle together at one end with strong masking tape that can...
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