PE Curriculum for Kindergarten Age Children with 10 Top Sport Games and Activities


Game 1: Net Fishing

  1. Children are fish and the coach or one child is the fisherman who tries to catch the little fishes by throwing the net over them.
  2. Limit the playing field or have several fishermen depending on the size of your gym.
  3. Use a fishing net about 1,5 by 1,5 meters/yards as a catching device.
  4. The larger the net the more difficult it gets to throw it.
  5. We use old nets from baseball and tennis courts that are used to limit the fields and cut them into the appropriate size. 

Game 2: Rodeo

  1. On a smooth gym floor, flip a soft landing mat upside down to have the slippery side at the bottom.
  2. This mat is the wild bull children try to ride for as long as possible without falling.
  3. The coach moves the mat back and forth randomly.
  4. As soon as a child falls down it’s the next child’s turn.
  5. Children need to stand on the mat and are not allowed to run.

Game 3: Four Noodle Tags

▪ Mosquito

  1. Put a foam noodle together at one end with strong masking tape that can be put onto your or children's head.
  2. The long end of the noodle is the sting of the mosquito with which the mosquito tries to tag the other children.
  3. The mosquito needs to tag the other children below their shoulders for safety.
  4. Each child has 3 lives but the same child cannot be tagged twice in a row.

▪ Snakes

  1. 2 noodles are the snakes that are trying to bite/tag children.
  2. Ideally, attach a fluffy snake on top of the noodles to make it more exciting.
  3. Restrict the playing area then try to tag children.

▪ Dragons

  1. Use the same noodles as in the snake game but now swing them around up in the air as dragons spewing fire.
  2. Don't swing the noodles too fast for safety.
  3. Children again try to dodge the dragons.

▪ Elephant

  1. Put a disc cone over one end of the noodle and swing this noodle in front of you like the snout of an elephant and try to tag the other children with this snout.
  2. Again be careful not to swing it too fast for safety.

Game 4: Poison

  1. Divide children into groups of 3-4 children if you work with larger groups and have them line up at a wall or behind a line.
  2. Blow soap bubbles in the air opposite each group about 10 meters/ yards away from them.
  3. The soap bubbles are poison and children need to quickly run and make them pop to keep the soil from getting poisoned.

Game 5: Spin It

  1. Attach a foam ball to a long string and place small balls or boxes around you.
  2. Start spinning the ball on a string around until it circles continuously, children then try to run towards the coach,
  3. Grab one of the items on the floor next to the coach and bring it back outside of the spinning ball to safety without ever being hit by the ball on a string.
  4. Spread out children in a circle around you so they are evenly distributed around the moving ball in a circle.
  5. If children get hit by the ball, they are not allowed to put the item onto their pile.

Game 6: Launch a Rocket

  1. Blow up a balloon without tying a knot and put it inside a plastic bag which is the rocket and push up in the air and let go of it.
  2. As soon as you let go of it, children start running from a few meters away, trying to catch the rocket so it doesn't drop & explode.
  3. This game is best played in smaller groups per rocket to avoid collisions.

Game 7: Swat the Flies

  1. Draw a fly on the back of a plastic plate and attach a string to the plate.
  2. The coach or even better one of the children pull this fly around the gym and children try to swat this fly with short foam noodles.
  3. Separate children into smaller groups if you do work with large groups for safety and increased activity.
  4. The faster you pull the fly or the smaller the plate the more you increase the challenge and vice versa to make it easier.

Game 8: Bad Boy/Bad Girl

  1. Roll up some newspapers and add masking tape around it to keep them together.
  2. The teacher didn't behave and needs some spanking with children trying to hit the teacher’s butt with their newspapers only while the teacher can do the same to children.

Game 9: Crocodiles

  1. Use one or two brooms as crocodiles, the wider the brooms the better.
  2. Restrict the playing field.
  3. Swing around the brooms randomly to try and tag children who avoid getting bitten by a crocodile.

Game 10: Scorpions

  1. Children all line up behind a line or at a wall and on command try running to the opposite side of the gym while avoiding the many scorpions (tennis balls) that are rolling their way thrown by the coach.
  2. Or you can roll a whole bunch of balls at the same time.

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