Teaching Aids for Kindergarten PE Curriculums


There is now a vast amount of scientific research that shows that increased stimulation generally results in improved neurological function which controls motor skills. There is equally compelling evidence to show that if a young child is placed in a deprived environment and left there for an extended period of time, it is almost certain that its physical development, growth and brain function will be adversely affected.

Stimulating environments

A young child needs to be placed in an environment where its senses are going to be appropriately stimulated, and where there is space and opportunity to practice and repeat its gradually developing motor skills.
By ensuring that children are exposed to a rich sensory environment, parents and coaches will be directly influencing the motor skill & brain development of their children.
The variety and richness of stimulating environments children are exposed to and genetics determine exactly what level of motor skill development a child will achieve.

Using teaching aids

Using teaching aids is one of the best ways to expose children to a stimulating environment, develop motor skills, and facilitate putting together PE curriculums.
The best way to grab your little ones' attention is to place colorful toys in front of them. All kids love toys, and the right ones are very beneficial.
When parents buy toys, they're rarely thinking about whether this is going to be great for their child's motor skills to develop an optimal foundation.


Most parents and coaches are not even aware that toys and teaching aids play a significant role in children’s motor skill development. However they are one of the keys to children’s motor skill development, research finds.
The right toys or teaching aids can enhance children's development, making their playtime more fruitful than you think but still tons of fun.
Toys/teaching aids are especially important when you consider children that are premature, low birth-weight, or have a condition that could impair motor skill development.

Academic versus physical development

In our opinion, there is too much emphasis in the early years on skills gearing towards academic success. We highly suggest putting at least an equal amount of emphasis on teaching aids that develop motor skills and promote physical activity at a young age.
Teaching aids that develop motor skills not only assist in the physical development but also develop the brain.

To have a well-rounded development you can’t neglect developing motor skills that build the foundation for being physically active, often for a lifetime. It will come back to haunt children in the future sooner or later, be it academically, self-confidence, ability to focus, to sleep well, maintain health...

We would look for toys, games, teaching aids that

  • encourage physical activity
  • cater to all motor skills (rhythm, orientation, reaction, balance, differentiation, hand-eye coordination, and physical activity). E.g. if your child loves balls, e.g. get a speed ladder to develop rhythm or EZ steppers for Balance. If your child favors dancing, get some balls to learn throw and catch; the more varied, the better.
  • encourages interactive play with other children especially when they get older.
  • are age-appropriate or they lose interest very quickly.
  • inspire creativity.

To see how we use all these teaching aids in our PE lessons

 What we use



Balance Disc

Balance Bench




Balance Beam


Card Boxes

Cloth Pegs


Plastic Cups

Dodge Balls

Drink Coaster

Foam mat

EZ - Stepper

Fishing net

Foam frisbee

Exercise mats



Soft landing mat


Monster clomper


Pop up goals

Post it



Juggling scarves



Agility Ladder


Stacking cups




Car tire




Jumping Ring

Set of rings

Fishing Net

Butterfly Extendable Net

Fly Swatter

Push Cart

Bean Bags


Pet bottle


Target Mat

Toy Car

Color Dice

Disc Cones

Number Dice

Foam Roller


Small Bins


Parrot hat

Chinese Jump Rope


Round Laundry Basekts


Orka Whale

Pullback Race Cars

Play Food

Net Mesh Bag

Arrow Marker


Laser Pen

Bucket Blast

Play Tent

Stomp Boards


Rubber Bands

Poster Tubes

Scrimmage Shirts

Floating Rings

Bone Dog Toy

Headlamps Flashlights

Parachute Toy

Parachute Toy

Target Net

School Chairs

Spray Bottles

Wind Spinner

Shopping Cart

Plastic Fruits

Bird Nose

Drumm Sticks

Vacuum Cleaner

Pirate Hook

Rubber Chicken



Mini Basketball

Small Beachball

Larger Beachball

Gymnastic Ball

Medicine Ball


Small Foamballs

Large Foamballs

Coated dodge balls

Small rubber balls

Foam soccer ball

Reaction ball

Table tennis ball


Moon Hopper

Mini gym ball

Franklin ball (for soccer)

Soft mini American football

Juggling balls

Squash balls

Indiaca/Peteka balls

Badminton Shuttles


Mini volleyball

Omnikin Balloon Ball


Hands-Free Soccer Kick


To see how we use all these teaching aids in our PE lessons

Where to buy your Teaching Aids for your P.E. Lessons

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 Australia  https://www.teaching.com.au
 Bosnia/Croatia/Herzegovina  http://juventasport.com
 Belgium  https://www.decathlon.be/nl/
 England  https://www.oddballs.co.uk/
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